DNA Testing System

The meat pieces of Tajima beef collected from each certified meat center are stored and managed at a facility established in the Wagyu Master Meat Center (Hyogo Food Science Institute, Inc.), and DNA management number is written in Hyogo- produce Tajima Beef Certificate and Kobe Beef Certificate of Authenticity. You can trace even after distribution.

In addition, as an individual confirmation of the living cow at the time of loading to the meat center, in addition to the registration form or registration cirtificate and the individual identification number, we will also perform the verification with the nosecrest.

We will further strengthen our efforts to ensure that there are no mistakes from production to distribution and sales.

DNA Testing System

02 days now Nov 2022

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鑑定年月日 個体識別番号 登録DNA検体番号 生産者 取扱指定登録店 合否
Appraisal Date Individual ID Number Registered DNA Sample
Producer Authorized exporter Pass / Fail