Anniversary events were grandly held to commemorate 30 years of the Association.<Part 2>


In this afternoon, KOBE BEEF SEMINAR was held at ANA CROWN PLAZA HOTEL in Kobe-city.

The seminar titled “History of KOBE BEEF and Secret of its Beauty” was done by YOSHIDA EMI , Hyogo NOURINSUISAN technical center. She explained the correct information about Kobe Beef and Tajima gyu. The speech titled “Cattle connected People’s Ring - Wa” was done by ISHIGAMI KEIKO form Awaji-city. She told her ever day life in stock farm with people and cow.   


In the memorial ceremony, the Award ceremony carried out at first.  The Letters of Appreciation were given to 6 excellent cattle producers, 10 major Kobe Beef buyers and 44 designated registration member stores of many years. In the Exchange Party, the participants talked pleasantly with delicious dishes of ANA CROWN PPLAZA HOTEL.  Thank you for your joining the events and cooperation.


From now on, we will work for "supply of delicious Tajima and Kobe Beef" ,"production promotion of Tajima and Kobe Beef" and "strengthening of brand management" together with every members in the Association.



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