Display of the GI Mark starts on May 9th


Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef have been registered as regional brand products under Japan’s Geographical Indication (GI) protection system and have been granted use of the GI Mark. Now that all preparations are completed, we will begin displaying the GI Mark from Monday, May 9th. Please may we ask all concerned parties for their understanding and cooperation regarding the display of the mark.

Raw meat labeled as Tajima Beef or Kobe Beef must be distributed with the GI Mark attached.

Under the Geographical Indication protection system, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries protects as intellectual property the names of regional brand products whose quality, reputation, and other established characteristics are essentially attributed to their geographical origin.

The Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association applied for the registration of Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef as regional brand products under the system. Specific standards the products should meet, such as for place of origin and quality, were also included in the application. Tajima Beef was registered under registration number 2 and Kobe Beef under registration number 3.

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