Official announcement from the Association on the Geographic Indication registration of Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef


We are truly delighted that Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef have been certified as agricultural products to be protected by the Geographical Indication Act.

Japan’s Upper House enacted the legislation on June 18th, 2014. We applied for registration after the law entered into force on June 1st, 2015.  

The aim of the law is to protect as intellectual property, the names of agricultural brand products and foodstuff, whose tradition, quality and other established characteristics are attributable to their geographical origin. This is to promote the profits of the producers and win the trust of the consumers.

We are very much encouraged by the registration amid our efforts to hand down to the next generation the Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef brands that were built over many years and conserved by the extraordinary effort of our forerunners.

The display of the GI registration mark, in addition to the brand control efforts the association has already been making, will give us a better sense of security in providing genuine Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef to consumers in Japan and abroad.

Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association will continue to work together with the administrative bodies and other concerned parties in producing Tajima Beef and Kobe Beef that are born, raised and slaughtered in Hyogo Prefecture.

We appreciate and look forward to your continued patronage.


Takashi Uera 


Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association

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