KOBE BEEF Seminar in Tokyo 2014


"KOBE BEEF seminar in Tokyo" was held in the Keio Plaza Hotel on September 3rd, 2014.  This is third time in Toyo and approximately 80 people participated. In the first part of the workshop, the lecture presentation regarding the lineage and history of Tajima cattle was given by Mr. Hironao Watanabe, Executive director general, Hyogo prefectural technology center for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. He also explained his research for pursuing the delicious beef based on scientific analysis. Adding to that, he told that he was seeking to make full use of the research result and to improve Kobe Beef and Tajima-gyu with its innate fine taste.


At the second part of the workshop, the panel discussion was held by the following three members who are now in frontlines of the Kobe Beef business.


Mr. Takahiro Taniguchi, Chairperson, Society of Tajima-cattle science

Mr. Hiroshi Ichikawa, Executive Chef, the Keio Plaza Hotel

Mr. Nobumasa Hirai, Director, Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association,


Mr. Watanabe continued to join the discussion and Mr.Tetsunori Tanimoto, Secretary General, Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Association joined as a navigator.  


The theme of the discussion was "Why Kobe Beef is different from other brand beef". They exchanged opinions based on their daily experiences with Kobe Beef and Tajima gyu. This was good opportunity to learn the Kobe Beef brand power and its future reinforcement in various aspects. In the exchange meeting after the workshop, various kinds of Kobe Beef cut except sirloin and fillet was served by its suitable cooking way. The participants enjoyed the sweet taste of Kobe Beef.


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