“Kobe Beef Promotion” in Seattle and Olympia, Washington State


The Association held ​​“Kobe Beef Promotion” in Seattle and Olympia, Washington State through August 18-21, 2013. This promotion was conducted as part of the official related events for 50th anniversary of sister city friendship of Washington and Hyogo Prefecture.

The governor Mr. IDO of Hyogo Prefecture, in delegation exchange meeting on18th,  stated "Kobe Beef is sure to be a food getting an interest of many people in the United States" On 19th, Kobe Beef was served at the reception party for Hyogo-Washington joint statement signing ceremony". There were many exclamations from the participants.


On 20th, the sales promotion event carried out for the local stakeholders at the "Tourism and Product Exhibition of Hyogo". The Association explained about Kobe Beef towards about 100 people.  At the beginning of the dinner party, there was a matrix of many people waiting for Kobe Beef. The venue was swelling a lot. Future, the expansion of Kobe beef demand in the United States is expected.

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