KOBE BEEF Seminar in Tokyo 2013


"KOBE BEEF Seminar in Tokyo 2013" was held at the Keio Plaza Hotel in July 25, 2013. This was the second time held in Tokyo for its popularity and attended by about 100 people. First part of the workshop program is the presentation of KOBE BEEF history and the secret of deliciousness of Kobe Beef based on scientific evidence lectured by Ms. Emi Yoshida, researcher of Hyogo Prefectural Livestock Technology Center.

The second part of the workshop program is the inside story of daily struggles at work and the technologies to breed Tajima cattle by Mr. Hiroto Kawagishi of Kawagishi Ranch. After the workshop, Kobe Beef produced by Mr. Kawagishi was served in the exchange meeting.  The event was upsurge

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