“Kobe Beef Promotion” event was held at the Hongkong Japanese Club.



November 12th 2013, the Association hold ​​“Kobe Beef Promotion” event at the Hongkong Japanese Club in Causeway Bay. This promotion is for market acquisition and export expansion of Hyogo Prefecture produce ingredients for Hong Kong market where a lot of people come from around the world. The event catch phrase is "Gajin Shintou" which means "Deep Dignity and Noble" to appeal to the premium quality of Hyogo Prefecture produce ingredients.

In this promotion event, “Kobe Beef Seminar”, “Tasting party of Japanese Sake of Nada and trading business meeting are held. The response of local buyers and media reporters are very great and many earnest questions were flying about. Further raising awareness of Kobe Beef is expected worldwide.



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