Kobe Beef Registered Trademarks

Kobe Beef is recognized as a regional brand of beef by the Japan Patent Office, and local organization trademarks have been registered with this office. The following seven trademarks have been registered:

Category Description Date Registered Registration No.
Japanese chrysanthemum February 16, 2001 Trademark No.4454128
Small, bronze
Kobe Beef
Small, bronze Kobe Beef statuette July 6, 2001 Trademark No.4487460
「神戸ビーフ」 "Kobe Beef" August 3, 2007 Trademark No.5068214
「神戸肉」 "Kobe Meat" August 3, 2007 Trademark No.5068215
「神戸牛」 "Kobe-gyu" August 3, 2007 Trademark No.5068216
「但馬ビーフ」 "Tajima Beef" October 12, 2007 Trademark No.5083160
「但馬牛」 "Tajima-gyu" October 12, 2007 Trademark No.5083161

About the Trademark System

About the Trademark System

This is a system of trademarks which are attached to, printed on products or used to identify services in order to protect these trademarks because such trademarks indicate a certain specific function of a product or a service identified by a trademark. The system thus on the one hand protects the interests of the consumer, and on the other hand it also contributes to the development of industries through a design maintaining confidence in the operations of persons using these trademarks for advertising functions or for functions aimed at protecting the quality of products.

Definition of “Trademark”

A trademark is a mark used by a manufacturer, dealer or service provider in respect of goods or services in order to differentiate them from goods and services offered by other parties which are of the same or a similar type.

Types of Trademarks

The following trademarks are entitled to protection in Japan:

  1. Character trademark
  2. Figure trademark
  3. Sign trademark
  4. Three-dimensional trademark
  5. Integrated trademark comprising two or more of character trademark,
    figure trademark, sign trademark, and three-dimensional trademark

* Excerpt from the Japan Patent Office, "Procedures for Obtaining a Trademark Right"

An infringer of a trademark right or an exclusive right to use (excluding one who has committed an act that shall be deemed to constitute infringement of a trademark right or an exclusive right to use under Article 37 or Article 67) shall be punished by imprisonment with work for a term not exceeding ten years or a fine not exceeding 10,000,000 yen or combination thereof. (Trademark Act, Article 78: Crime of Infringement)

* Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Translations of Japanese Laws" "Trademark Act"